Coffey County Cemeteries

The Coffey County Historical Society & Museum features a large Genealogy Library with cemetery listings, obituaries, all county newspapers from 1859 to present on microfilm, and the Coffey County Census.

  1. LINCOLN CEMETERY – May 1888.
  2. LEBO CREEK / HOOVER / BENEDICT CEMETERY – Lebo Creek deeded 1880. Hoover sold by Jacob Hoover for $2. Benedict circa 1860.
  3. OLD HOOVER CEMETERY – circa 1860.
  4. BOWMAN / ADGATE /INDIAN CEMETERY – Bowman deeded 1929. Adgate has a ‘Military Circle’ to honor the military commitment of Civil War soldiers. Indian (Originally Ottumwa) circa 1850.
  5. STRAWN CEMETERY – Originally Kite, deed dated 1884.
  6. BAILEY CEMETERY – Also called Fair View, donated by Samuel H. Bailey March 1, 1871.
  7. BAKER CEMETERY – Also called Otter Creek, originally a family burial for the Caseys. First recorded burial 1864.
  8. APOSTOLIC GERMAN / CHRISTIAN – Donated by George and Elizabeth Storrer in 1883.
  9. TEACHOUT CEMETERY – Named for Henry Teachout, first burial 1891.
  10. GRIDLEY CEMETERY – Owen D. Fessenden requested upon his death that his burial plot become a…
  11. WHARTON CEMETERY – Also called Fairhope, deeded 1871 for $1.
  12. BIG CREEK CEMETERY – First burial recorded in 1870.
  13. COLA HILL CEMETERY – Also called Pleasant Grove, dated 1873.
  14. CALVARY CEMETERY – Recorded 1883.
  15. GRACELAND / COUNTY FARM CEMETERY – Graceland first burial 1922. County Farm burials  are unmarked, circa 1920.
  16. MT. HOPE CEMETERY- One of the oldest in Coffey County. Horse drawn funeral carriages were used to transport the casket; mourners walked behind. Circa 1870.
  17. CRANDALL CEMETERY- Established with the passing of Warren Crandell in 1922, and is a private burial ground.
  18. LEROY CEMETERY- Deed dated 1866. Among the burials:  an unknown horse thief, and a seeing-eye dog, jack.
  19. WOOSTER CEMETERY- Also called Wimer, circa 1890.
  20. LOGUE CEMETERY-First burial 1862.
  21. SCHLICHTER CEMETERY- Also called Fair View, deeded 1884 for $1.
  22. STOELTZING CEMETERY- Named for the Charles and Matilda Stoeltzing family. Last burial 1898.
  23. QUISLING CEMETERY-Sold for $1 by Einar and Christine Quisling. Burials prior to 1865, unrecorded.
  24. ALTAMONT CEMETERY- Contains Potters Field. Burials before 1874 were not recorded.
  25. ST. JOHN LUTHERAN CEMETERY- Previously known as: Volland, Grobengiesser, Avondale, St. John German, Lutheran, and St. John Evangelical Lutheran. First burial 1884.
  26. PLEASANT HILL CEMETERY- Originally Saunders, dated 1870.
  28. LOGAN CEMETERY- In 1859, Augustus g. Logan granted Logan land to be used as a public burying place.
  29. WOLF CREEK CEMETERY- Also called Stringtown, originally Roberds Grave Yard, a private burial ground, circa 1871. Currently owned by Wolf Creek Nuclear Plant.
  30. FRENCH RIDGE CEMETERY- Also called Star, formed for burial of early French Ridge settlers. First burial, 1859.
  31. GLENDALE CEMETERY- Donated 1872 by Andrew and Nancy Jackson.
  32. PRAIRIE VIEW CEMETERY- Originally Union, circa 1873.
  33. HALLS SUMMIT CEMETERY- Deeded 1890 for $1.
  34. WAVERLY / ST. JOSEPH CEMETERY- Waverly first recorded for $1 in 1885. St. Joseph deeded 1900 for $1.
  35. PLEASANT VIEW CEMETERY- Also called Agricola, recorded 1884.
  36. ROCK CREEK CEMETERY- Also called Cummings, first burial 1877.
  37. KEY WEST CEMETERY- Community named for an old sailor who’d said it was “as desolate a place as Key West Florida”. First burial 1862.
  38. KESNER CEMETERY- Henry Kesner family plot, no date recorded.
  39. VETETO CEMETERY- Dated 1866.
  40. OLD MORROW CEMETERY- Located on Gilbert property in LeRoy. No stones, last burial 1886.
  41. JAGER CEMETERY- Located on the Dale and Luthi farm in Gridley. Circa 1880.
  42. NEOSHO CITY CEMETERY- Community was located on the bluff on the south side of Big Creek, circa 1860.


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